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Frequently Asked Questions About The Johnson Partnership

What geographical areas do you serve?

Our office is located in Seattle, Washington, north of the University District. We are licensed for Architecture in Washington and Hawaii. However, we have also designed homes in Oregon, British Columbia, Texas, Japan, and we have the ability to be licensed in other states with enough lead-time, if required.

Do you use CAD/CAM software?

We use what we consider the finest architectural software available on the market, Graphisoft's ArchiCAD, allowing us to design within a three-dimensional environment. Our clients are able to see their projects develop from simple sketches to three-dimensional models in early design stages and can direct alternative configurations or design changes we can show them on the fly. The software also allows us to quickly move from design to construction documentation, expediting the time it takes to get your project under construction and completed.

Does every client get a QuickTime™ movie?

Some small projects may not warrant full visualization, but most do. Since we design in a three-dimensional environment, it is fairly easy for us to output rough QuickTime movies or simply show you alternative designs working within in the software program.

Do clients work directly with an architect or are assistants employed?

For most residential projects you'll be working with one or two individuals, at least one of them will be a principal or associate architect. One of your design team will always be available to answer questions and deal with issues as they arise.

How do you work with contractors or builders?

We expect the contractor to be a member of the project team and approach the project in a positive and cooperative attitude. We do not select or hire your contractor - you do. We may act as an advisor in helping to select the contractor and will assist you with the bidding and/or negotiation process. Some of our clients have already selected a contractor before our first meeting. If you don't have a contractor already that you would like to use we can provide you with a list of Northwest regional contractors that, from our experience, have proven records of successful projects. We always welcome new qualified contractors to our list.

How does the design process work, and where can I get more information?

Many of our clients have never hired an architect before. As architects specializing in residential design, part of our early contact with many new clients involves helping clients learn what they should be expecting from us, and how the design process will unfold over time, resulting in the successful realization of their project. The following information is provided to assist you.

How long does the process take?

Although we focus on moving our client's projects forward through design and into construction, planning for your project takes time and you should never feel rushed - remodeling or building a new home is a major investment in time and money, and taking the time to make sure that things are right is worth the effort. You should figure on a few months for a small residential remodel, to a year or more for larger residential projects. Once the project scope has been determined, we should be able to give you an approximation of how long your project will take until project completion.

How much do you charge for your services and how is this fee structured?

Our professional methodology and fee structure allows us to tailor our services to reflect the difficulty of the project, while defining a scope of professional services required to successfully design and construct your project. We can bill on a straight percentage of the construction cost or provide professional services based on a "time and materials" basis utilizing a detailed professional fee estimate reflecting the anticipated scope of services. As an advisory fee guideline architectural service usually amount to 8-12% for new homes and 10-15% for home remodels. We begin with a simple letter agreement that covers approximately 20-30% of our estimated fee, and finish with a standard AIA professional fee contract that addresses more complicated issues such as procedures and liability.

What are some of your architectural specialty services?

The Johnson Partnership is particularly skilled in assisting owners of vintage or landmark (local or national register) homes, and providing design services for those clients wishing a low-impact "Green" home, or one incorporating traditional construction methods, such as a timberframing or log construction.

Besides Architecture, what other services do you provide?

Our firm also provides consulting services for historic resource consulting and environmental planning.

Why consider the Johnson Partnership as your Architect?
  • Established track record (since 1979) of excellent client service and reliability.
  • Integration of 3-D modeling throughout the design process.
  • Careful attention in design and detail throughout the entire process.
  • Experience with new construction, remodels, restoration, and reuse.
  • Experience with both conventional and timberframe design.
  • Experience with design review and permit processes.
  • Thoughtful sensitivity to unique qualities of each site and project.
  • Commitment to protecting our environment and heritage.
  • And - most important - excellence in design.