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Value We Bring

Stewardship. Stewardship is the key word in describing our overall approach and office philosophy. We are here to care for something. Everything we do, we strive to accomplish responsibly, with deep respect for the environment (natural & social), cultural heritage, and clients' needs. This is a much broader concept than simply "being green," although "greenness" is clearly subsumed within our notion of stewardship. Our practice of architecture & planning is a type of stewardship. New and renewed buildings become part of the environment, as well as reflect it. Environmental planning emphasizes avoiding, minimizing, and/or mitigating adverse effects. Our services involving heritage buildings, whether preservation, restoration, renovation, historical analysis, or academic contributions, also accomplish stewardship of cultural resources.

Depth. The depth of our experience, both in years and range, sets us apart from many firms Our depth also shows in thoughtful personal attention to our clients, and in our extensive working knowledge of the design and planning processes.

Detail. Details are a key focus in our practice - in every way from carrying a project from conceptual design through final detailing - as well as in research, and attending to the details of project administration. We appreciate fine detailing, and attention to details is one of our strengths. However, we see both "the forest and the trees." Details fit carefully within the overarching context of our architectural designs and other projects. They enhance, rather than obscure, the creative vision.

Resourcefulness. Creativity takes many paths in our practice. We think broadly in developing creative solutions to our clients' needs throughout the entire project process, and we use resources carefully. We also consider how resources will be used over time to allow buildings to adapt and meet principles of universal design and accessibility.

Comfort. Our goal is to create comfortable spaces, and for our clients to be comfortable with the design process that helps achieve that. Comfort includes warmth, respect for function, and an element of timelessness. A great design simply feels right, but the process of getting there is not always straightforward. Our staff is friendly and eager to assist you with your project. We emphasize good communication in our design projects and use a variety of methods to do this, since good communication is key to a comfortable process and a successful project.

Partnership. We are a service profession, and we work collaboratively with our clients, contractors, consultants, craftspeople, artists, etc., as well as together in our office. We essentially "partner" with our clients to fulfill a vision or complete a project. We are there all along to guide the process, whether it be architectural design, environmental analysis, or historic preservation. We address project challenges, share the joys of creative solutions, and take projects all the way through completion.

Value. Our services add value itself. Not only do we add the value to the end result of a project, but also the design process itself has value, as it allows for prioritization and creative solution. Also, as a firm we always keep the financial aspects of our projects in mind, respecting client's needs for responsible budgets, credibility, and long-term appreciation. Furthermore, excellence in design also brings intangible benefits to you.

Historic photo of Ellsworth Storey's house. Gable detail. Project completion.