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Historic Cabin Restoration

This project was completed over the course of a few summers. Our design services involved the complete reassembly of one small cabin, and the expansion and remodel of the connected accessory structure of the other cabin. The cabins are located in a densely forested area in Mount Rainier National Park, and all work needed to comply with U.S. Forest Service standards.

On our initial site visit, we found a pile of logs next to the cleared site of the original cabin. The cabin had collapsed under unusually high snow loads. We recreated the cabin, incorporating structural upgrades and slight changes requested by the owners.

For the second project, we converted a storage shed to a bunkroom with an extra bathroom, creating additional room for a growing family. A new concrete and stone foundation was added below the existing structure to allow increased ceiling height. All renovations were completed within the original building footprint.

Photos © Lani Doely

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COVID-19 Protocols