New Residential Portfolio

Fauntleroy Residence

This AIA FutureShack People’s Choice-winning design is a two-bedroom residence with an accessory dwelling unit on the main floor. Both units are designed with accessibility in mind, using principles of universal design.

The home utilizes advanced building techniques and sustainable building products. The foundations are insulated concrete forms to reduce waste and minimize the amount of concrete. To minimize the use of lumber and maximize insulation values, walls and roofs are structural insulated panels. The triple-glazed windows are low-E coated, creating an energy-efficient envelope that minimizes heat loss and solar gain. Appliances are Energy Star-rated, plumbing fixtures are low-flow, and finishes have low amounts of volatile organic compounds. Storm water from the butterfly roof is captured in a cistern and used for site irrigation (with plans for interior gray water use when allowed by code). There is also a vertical utility chase for future solar hot water, and photovoltaic panels on the rooftop.

Photos by Jim Houston & Mike Penney.