New Residential Portfolio

Schmitz Park Residence

This West Seattle home, named AIA Seattle “Home of the Month” for January 2000, is located along the northern portion of the site, with all the living spaces stretched out along the southern side to maximize the southern exposure. Ancillary spaces, (bathroom, stair, and laundry) are located along the northern side. The family room is at the back of the house overlooking wooded Schmitz Park.

Situating the house on the northern side of the site creates a large side yard to the south. The site slopes up to the west so that the side yard is above the front yard. A one-car garage is located in the basement of the main house, facing the street at the lower level. A wide curving stairway and landscaping leads up to the main entry and terraced garden.

The design is influenced by the Craftsman tradition and Scandinavian forms. Striking exterior features include heavy timber brackets supporting four-foot-wide overhangs at the gable ends and porch roofs and a timber band that runs around the house at the sill level of the upper-floor windows. This band and the use of board-and-batten siding over cedar shingles were intended to reduce the scale of the building, creating continuity at the garage entrance and a homey and welcoming feeling in the entry courtyard.

Photos © Howard L. Miller, Lani Doely, Larry Johnson, TJP