Remodel Portfolio

Blakeley Remodel, Seattle, Washington

We designed a new, more traditional, light-filled stair leading to the master bedroom suite on the upper floor. This Craftsman-style stair replaced a spiral stair and also brought natural light to the main floor hall.

The new kitchen was built in the same location as the old one, but has been completely redesigned. We removed the old overhead cabinets that visually separated the kitchen from the main rooms. The new layout utilizes a low wall to frame the view from the living room into the kitchen. Grouped windows overlooking the deck connect the kitchen and dining space to the outdoors. With their paneled doors and traditional hardware, the new cabinets complement the Craftsman style of the new stair and the original home. The kitchen’s open U-shape design helps make this room the new heart of the home.

Photos © Lani Doely