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Normandy Park Kitchen

For this kitchen remodel in a mid-century Northwest-style home with cathedral ceilings and exposed beams, the primary objective was to improve the kitchen’s functionality and open it to the dining room.

We removed the old refrigerator, located between the kitchen and dining room, and installed the new one at the exterior wall. The new refrigerator is finished to match the cabinets, with the effect that the appliance is hidden in plain sight. When choosing the island countertop, the client balked at the prospect of a marble countertop, feeling that it was too cold a material for the cozy kitchen she was envisioning. We recommended an internal heating unit that goes under the marble slab, an effect similar to radiant floor heating. Now, with the flip of a switch, the client can enjoy morning coffee and the newspaper at a gently warm countertop.

Additional elements to the remodel include the a new coat closet at the front entry, disguised to blend in with the cabinetry in the kitchen and dining room. Glass-front shelves have interior LED lighting for displaying china and objets d’art. The island cabinet is stained dark to coordinate with the furniture, and the perimeter cabinets are white to keep the bright, open look of the original architecture.

COVID-19 Protocols

COVID-19 Protocols