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November 17, 2017 12:27 pm

Professional photographs of the Freeland Residence

The professional portfolio pictures of the completed Freeland Residence on Whidbey Island are now up on our website! This solar-powered passive home for two overlooks Holmes Harbor. Below are outtakes from the official photo shoot. You can see the whole portfolio here.


The owner applying the fall coat of oil to the decking.

The owner applying a fresh coat of staining oil to the decking, augmenting its glorious rich color.

While photographing the master bathroom I noted the Johnson Partnership tile on the shelves in the master bedroom.

While photographing the master bathroom I noted the Johnson Partnership tile (middle shelf, center) in the master bedroom.

The photographer and his assistant (Howard) hard at work.

The photographer and his assistant for the day (Howard) hard at work on the poured concrete patio.

October 20, 2017 10:04 am

The Maple Creek deck is making steady progress

The action continues with the construction of the cantilevered deck: the floor joists have been installed and the decking boards are next. As the railings are fabricated the exterior modifications will be completed and siding installed. The scaffolding will remain up until the very end of this project as the underside will be some 30 feet above grade… difficult to reach with a paintbrush!

The steel 'C' Chanel beams receive a 2x_ until to give them an appearance to the original wood deck framing.

Boards prop up the steel C-channel beams to give them the appearance of the original wood deck framing. The board is attached from behind to conceal the fasteners.

The deck joists are doubled to replicate the original design and match the small balcony and entry walk.

The deck joists are doubled to replicate the original design and match the small balcony and entry walk.

The steel diagonal strut connection to the beam supporting the deck joists

The steel diagonal strut connects to the beam supporting the deck joists.

October 16, 2017 2:55 pm

Villa Luna in print and on newsstands!

Fine Homebuilding magazine has just released its 2017 Kitchens & Bathrooms edition, and we are proud to have one of our projects featured in this issue! Villa Luna was a multi-phase project that included a major update of the master bath. Purchase a copy of the magazine or get digital access to it here. Villa Luna is featured on pp. 72-73.

You can read more about the development of Villa Luna here and here.

This is the second year in a row that one of our projects has appeared in the FHB Kitchen & Bath issue!

September 15, 2017 11:44 am

The Locks: “Seattle’s Waterway to the World”

Last weekend Larry and Lani enjoyed a beautiful, sunny day at the Locks, and attended the premiere of the documentary “Seattle’s Waterway to the World,” exploring the history and legacy of the Locks. The movie was made by local filmmaker Vaun Raymond, who also put together and shared a short “making-of” feature for this event. Larry contributed to the making of the movie, taking Vaun out on his boat Meander to get footage of the canal. (The film includes a cameo shot of Larry piloting Meander!) Many of the other attendees at the screening had worked on the project in one way or another; Vaun had them all stand for a group photo and to acknowledge their contributions.

“Seattle’s Waterway to the World” is one of a series of films celebrating the centennial of the Lake Washington Ship Canal. You can watch these films and delve into a trove of additional historic resources at Making the Cut. Particularly recommended is the film titled “A Glass Half Full: Native Americans & the Shipping Canal,” exploring a little-known side of the waterway’s history.

Larry (third from left) and other contributors to “Seattle’s Waterway to the World.”



September 7, 2017 11:21 am

New documentary about the Locks, at the Locks

A Japanese freighter passes through the Ballard Locks towards Puget Sound, 1921. Image: University of Washington Libraries, Asahel Curtis Collection

This Sunday, September 10th, the Army Corps of Engineers is hosting the public premiere of “Seattle’s Waterway to the World,” a documentary by local filmmaker Vaun Raymond about the history and legacy of the Hiram M. Chittenden locks. This is one in a series of films by Raymond called “The Legacy of the Locks and Lake Washington Ship Canal,” which itself is part of Making the Cut, a coalition of organizations and individuals commemorating the Ship Canal for its centennial.

The 60-minute film will be shown at the Ballard Locks Visitor Center at 1:30 pm. The program will also include a behind the scenes featurette about the making of the “Legacy of the Locks” series, hosted by the filmmaker himself.

Firm principal Larry Johnson consulted with Raymond on the film. Maritime history is part of the historic resources and stewardship services we offer, and you can read about several of our maritime projects here, here, and here.

More information about Making the Cut and the centennial events can be found here.

A listing of all events at the Locks can be found here.


August 21, 2017 5:08 pm

“Dark and Sciency”: Happy Solar Eclipse!

Lani and Larry managed to secure a last-minute berth in Corvallis, Oregon, and so were in the path of totality for this morning’s solar eclipse! We hope you all got to see at least the partial eclipse, whether through viewing glasses, a pinhole viewer, or the leaves on the trees.

Overheard in the crowd along the riverbank in Corvallis: “It’s going to get all dark and sciency!”

Approaching totality



The light shining through the trees shows the progress of the moon across the sun.




August 18, 2017 11:17 am

Progress on a kitchen remodel

The latest on our remodel in Normandy Park! Now that the cabinets have been installed, all that remains to be completed are countertops, appliances, fixtures, lighting and the backsplash. The whole project will be wrapping up soon. The client posted this to her Facebook page and has graciously consented to let us share it on our blog. Thank you, Lorna!


August 15, 2017 2:10 pm

Our Backyard Changes

With the removal of the wooden fence along our rear property line, construction has truly begun on the half-city-block mixed-use building just north of our office. We expect to have construction activity for the next 19 months. This is in addition to the light rail construction just across the street and demolition of the former dry cleaners on the southeastern corner of the block. Here comes the noise!

Track Hoe with Roosevelt High School in the distance.

Track hoe with Roosevelt High School across NE 66th Street.

Our garden shed (in its temporary location) with the Roosevelt Lightrail Station construction site in the distance.

Our garden shed (in its temporary location) with the Roosevelt light rail station construction site in the distance.

June 16, 2017 9:39 am

Interlaken Remodel progress

We made a site visit recently as this project nears completion. The house has undergone quite a transformation!

The On-Demand water heater provides hot water to the home as well as the heated floors in the basement.

The on-demand water heater in the basement provides hot water to the home and to the heated floors.

The laundry room will double is quite space efficient.

The space-efficient laundry room.

We added a room below grade for a future home theater with a patio on the roof!

We added a room below grade for a future home theater with rooftop patio!

The original elevator and elevator equipment is from the 1930s

We retained the house’s original 1930s elevator and associated equipment.

With a legal stair and bedroom the basement feels much more part of the house.

The legal stair and additional bedroom makes basement feel more like part of the home.

February 21, 2017 2:29 pm

Moving a big tree next week!

This will be exciting and we’ll do a follow-up post afterwards. Behind our office, we have a small garden with a lovely 25-foot Stewartia tree near the back property line. Stewart’s are known for their camellia like flowers, glossy leaves and distinctive bark.

A seven-story development will be starting soon on the adjacent property to the north, and unfortunately this means that the Stewartia tree would be destroyed by construction. But, why waste a healthy specimen tree when you can move it!

Lani contacted Seattle Parks and found they they had three locations where such a tree was wanted, and she arranged with Big Trees, Inc. to have our tree moved on the morning of February 28. It will be moved to the Washington Park Arboretum and replanted on the same day around 11:00-11:30 AM, right at the entrance to Azalea Way, across the driveway from the Graham Visitor Center. You can even watch the cool Big Tree equipment and tree-moving process there!

Below is a link to the company that will be moving the tree.

Moving Trees Offsite