From As-Built to Punch List: Wrapping up the Shoreline Remodel

While spring usually heralds new beginnings, last week we closed the books on a project that we’ve been working on for nearly three years: an addition and renovation of a home in Shoreline, converting it to a counseling center. The client wanted more space to grow their business, and the original building–likely built in the 1930s, with a substantial remodel and expansion in the 1990s–lacked amenities and accessibility. We updated the existing structure and designed a 4,000-square foot addition, which more than doubled the total size of the complex. The building’s location on a wooded slope presented us with the fun challenge of integrating the revamped building fully into the landscape. While the permitting process took nearly two years, the actual construction, by Constantine Builders, took less than a year, beginning in July 2020 and concluding in March 2021 (all conducted with proper PPE!).

This time-lapse video shows the process, from an initial visit in October 2018 to the wrap-up in April 2021.