Introducing Alex

We’re thrilled to welcome Alex Dao to the Studio TJP team as a Project Designer!

Alex will have a foot in each portion of the business: designing and coordinating architecture projects, and working with the Preservation Planning team on historic resources reports. She brings to the table previous experience in healthcare facilities and corporate campus design, documentation for adaptive reuse projects, and modeling historic buildings. A keen writer and researcher, Alex meets the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Historic Architect, and within a year will meet the standards for Architectural Historian. As an undergraduate at the University of Virginia with a minor in Architectural History, Alex contributed research and 3D modeling for JUEL, a project compiling the architectural and cultural history of the UVA campus as designed by Thomas Jefferson.

Born in Florida and raised in Virginia, Alex got her Masters of Architecture at the University of Washington, where she focused on the design of mental healthcare facilities for her thesis project. A lifelong fan of puzzles and crosswords, Alex approaches the process of designing a unique space to meet a client’s specifications as the puzzle game waiting to be solved. Her dream architecture project would be to design a small, high-quality, co-op housing complex for herself and her family. She believes that multifamily housing can (and should) provide comfort, privacy, and beauty, while offering more opportunities to build community and less environmental impact than conventional detached houses.

Beyond the drafting table and library stacks, Alex flexes her organizational and management chops as a wedding planner, a gig she hopes to continue once large gatherings resume. She is a world traveler, roller coaster aficionado, baseball fan, bagel connoisseur, and—we are not making this up!—avid axe thrower.

With her broad intellectual and recreational interests, sharp eye for design, and passion for sustainability, Alex is a natural fit for Studio TJP.