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REMODEL & ADDITION, SHORELINE A peer-to-peer councelling center required more space and a full commercial remodel of theri space in Shoreline WA.

Photos © Jim Houston


TENANT IMPROVEMENT We assisted with space planning and permitting at our neighborhood coffee shop.

Photos © TJP


TENANT IMPROVEMENT This tenant improvement for establishes the office atmosphere and company image. Our intervention consisted of separating the conference room with an angled glass wall with a pair of large sliding glass doors at the center. The doors provide acoustic separation, while the transparency allows the entire office to enjoy the views. We took care to align the head of the new angled wall with the existing exterior window and also meet the existing window with a minimal jab at an existing vertical mullion. While new carpet and an accent of some type in the conference room was part of the original design, the final color accent wall and orange strip came from PopShops’ own employees. It all adds to the powerful graphic environment and company image.

Photos © Howard Miller


NEW CONSTRUCTION Designed with the values of sustainable design and energy conservation, our new office features heated cork floors, a north-facing wall of windows and a skylight for abundant natural light. The office includes a reception area adjacent to the conference room; a large double-height studio space with a mezzanine at the rear; second-floor offices and a lunch room with a kitchen that also serves as an informal conference area; and a large garden with mature cedar trees. The building also has state-of-the-art communications networks.

Photos © Lani Doely, Howard L. Miller


APARTMENT DESIGN This conceptual design for a six-unit apartment building added an upper floor to part of the building, creating an additional unit with a view. We also added decks to the other view units.

Image © Steve Campbell


TENANT IMPROVEMENT IN THE WEED BUILDING A contributing building in the Columbia City Historic District, we provided permit drawing assistance for this deli.

Photos © Steve Campbell, Puget Sound Regional Archives


We are assisted the owner of the Weed Building in Columbia City with the historic preservation and restoration of her building in the Columbia City Historic District.

Photos © TJP, and the Puget Sound Regional Archives


LAND USE PERMIT We assisted the owners of this bar with the space planning, a land use permit, and a construction permit to create an eating and drinking establishment in a retail-zoned building. We also coordinated with city and county agencies regulating these types of establishments. The restaurant and bar opened for business in August of 2011. Check out our blog for more information.

Photos © TJP


ADAPTIVE RE-USE This small adaptive re-use project was completed on a very limited budget. We adapted two adjacent retail spaces in this older brick building neighborhood: one of the spaces includes a small theater/screening room and an associated lobby; the other one includes film-editing suites, administrative space, and restrooms. The lobby faces the street and connects directly to the administrative area. The theater seats about fifty people and is capable of handling multiple media, including some live theater. The Northwest Film Forum and Wiggly World Studios have been involved in independent films since 1995 and have since moved. The Northwest Film Forum can be found at Featured In: Arcade Magazine, “Find, Funded, Found: the etymology of a non-profit finding space,” Jamie Hook, Summer 1999, pp. 10-11.

Photos © Howard L. Miller

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