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  • Ellen Mirro

Edmonds Historic Resource Survey 2011: a brief outline of the history of Edmonds.

In 2005, A Historic Resource Survey included an extensive historical context statement on the City of Edmonds. The 2011 Survey by The Johnson Partnership expanded upon this by explaining more suburban type development. Following is a summary of the historic development of the City of Edmonds.

Edmonds began with the development of an industrial waterfront, and the town grew eastward up the hill with commercial and residential development.

City of Mills on Puget Sound

Edmonds, 1888

In the early days, getting to Edmonds was easiest by boat, but the railroad soon became a fixture of Edmonds.

Steamer “City of Everett”

Railroad Station, 1925

Wagon roads were cut through the forest as the loggers moved eastward, and and small farms were developed in the areas east of town.

Edmonds Livery

Here is an 1895 Map of southwestern Snohomish County. The red box is the approximate survey area.

For several years people had to travel through Richmond Beach to get to Edmonds by bus. Increased private automobile ownership led to the improvement of roads in the 1920s, opening up suburban areas for development.

Motor coach from Richmond Beach to Edmonds

Early automobile in Edmonds

It wasn’t until after World War II that suburban development exploded, and the City of Edmonds expanded its borders through annexation.

Firdale Village ca. 1968-70

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