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  • Ellen Mirro

Madison Heights Bungalow Addition: Framing Continues

Today we’re checking in on the remodel on the eastern side of Capitol Hill. In addition to updated fixtures and finishings, this 1925 bungalow is getting a new sunroom, bathroom, storage space, and garage. As the concrete work nears completion, framing begins. Next up: adding the utility systems.

The garage foundations and retaining walls are complete. The area with the black waterproofing (center front of the picture) will be a non-infiltrating bioretention pond. A bioretention space is required by the city to manage stormwater runoff and reduce soil erosion.

The salvaged walnut boards will be used as exposed collar ties for the cathedral ceilings.

The attic has been stripped to the studs and is now ready for collar ties and insulation.

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