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  • Ellen Mirro

Moving a big tree next week!

This will be exciting and we’ll do a follow-up post afterwards. Behind our office, we have a small garden with a lovely 25-foot Stewartia tree near the back property line. Stewart’s are known for their camellia like flowers, glossy leaves and distinctive bark.

A seven-story development will be starting soon on the adjacent property to the north, and unfortunately this means that the Stewartia tree would be destroyed by construction. But, why waste a healthy specimen tree when you can move it!

Lani contacted Seattle Parks and found they they had three locations where such a tree was wanted, and she arranged with Big Trees, Inc. to have our tree moved on the morning of February 28. It will be moved to the Washington Park Arboretum and replanted on the same day around 11:00-11:30 AM, right at the entrance to Azalea Way, across the driveway from the Graham Visitor Center. You can even watch the cool Big Tree equipment and tree-moving process there!

Below is a link to the company that will be moving the tree.

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