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  • Ellen Mirro

Bonus space in the basement

Sometimes the best place to develop extra space is in the basement. Basements can be great places for home offices, game or media rooms, or other activities that require privacy, sound isolation or that are best slightly removed from the main living spaces of the house. Basements are also ideal for wine rooms or other storage.

This basement game room opens up to a home theater.

Opening up off the basement game room, this small home theater has cove lighting, custom component storage, acoustic wall treatments and a projection screen.

This basement is used for a game room. Laundry, a wine room and storage open up off the central hall. The floor is treated with an epoxy coating to control moisture.

This image shows the wine room which opens up off the hall in the the previous image. Basements are ideal places for wine rooms, because they tend to stay cool.

A home office and library make this basement particularly welcoming and cozy.

The home office in this basement features desks custom designed by The Johnson Partnership.

This custom storage unit is part of the home office shown in the previous image.

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