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Get together for the original house designer at the Maple Creek Kitchen

We recently completed a kitchen in a fantastic mid-century modern house. We loved the design of the house, and tracked down the original designer and builder. We are working on writing the complete story of the home, originally designed by Anna Williams and built by John Burrows. Yesterday, our client kindly hosted a get together to celebrate the home’s history and renovation. Attending the gathering were:

Anna Williams, original designer of the home

Ellen Mirro and Larry E. Johnson AIA of The Johnson Partnership, architects for the 2011 kitchen remodel

Tim House,the contractor for the 2011 Kitchen remodel

Marga Rose Rose Hancock, Former AIA executive director and architects biographer

Other owners of houses originally designed by Anna Williams

Here are some of the photos from the gathering.

Anna Williams

On the couch from left to right: Larry E. Johnson AIA, Anna Williams, Tim House.

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