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  • Ellen Mirro


Have you ever been to a site meeting and then had to review the notes from the meeting? Well, one of our clients issued the meeting notes before we had a chance to get all serious, but they get the point across —

(Note that the names have been changed to protect the not so innocent…. except the name of the project architect – Howard)

“I thought we had another productive and joyful session, although I wish Jack had not interrupted so often. We agreed:
  1. Ron should piss or get of the pot;

  2. The trim for the master bedroom bay window will be executed in the style outlined by the Architect.

  3. We chose iron wood, 1×4, etc.

  4. The front sidewalk is now grand.

  5. As are the gutters and collection boxes. As to the latter, there will be no slots for coins.

  6. Lincoln won’t tell us the phone number of the woman at the City who can cut through the Gordian Knot. Howard opined Lincoln was protecting his source. I opined he was hitting on her. As usual, I was wrong.

  7. The tile is being laid as we speak.

  8. As is the stucco.

  9. The Architect will provide details for the kitchen porch.

  10. Someone will install the concrete for Heat Pump Ravine someday.

  11. Brian and I had a ‘Howard’ about arching the entry to the studio. Howard wants it a certain radius. I want it to be that distance were you to make a point on the vertical line down the center of the opening which is equidistance from the top and the sides.

  12. Shallower would be silly.

  13. We should contact Paula and get her and the rocks.

  14. Trim for the basement was discussed and spec’ed by the Architect with characteristic flair.

  15. The closet lights will be motion activated.

  16. Potential closet shelving/pole configurations will issue from the Architect forthwith. If I have missed something, it is because I am losing my mind.”

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