The Johnson Partnership is now Studio TJP. Explore our new site to understand how we use innovative design practices while honoring the past.

Architects and modern preservationists, Studio TJP is committed to architecture as a craft. Working across disciplines from architecture and interior design to historic preservation and stewardship, our architectural practice employs a holistic problem-solving approach. Studio TJP designs custom, timeless, and enduring residential and commercial environments through a lens of sustainability.

Before & After: Brightening a Redmond Split-Level

For years, Jana and Matt dreamed of a simple fix for their kitchen: having enough floor space to walk around the open dishwasher door. When opened, the dishwasher essentially bisected the already cramped room and made putting dishes away a needlessly-complicated chore. When they hired…

Smoldering Fireplace Tips on the Redfin Blog

We are delighted to appear on the Redfin blog today, in a roundup of budget-friendly tricks for remodeling your fireplace. Participating in this put us in mind of some of our favorite fireplaces from our portfolios, including a luxurious Arts & Crafts-style study, a crisp…

COVID-19 Protocols

COVID-19 Protocols