The Johnson Partnership is now Studio TJP. Explore our new site to understand how we use innovative design practices while honoring the past.

Architects and modern preservationists, Studio TJP is committed to architecture as a craft. Working across disciplines from architecture and interior design to historic preservation and stewardship, our architectural practice employs a holistic problem-solving approach. Studio TJP designs custom, timeless, and enduring residential and commercial environments through a lens of sustainability.

Revitalizing a 1936 Shingle-Style Tudor

Our clients often want to make improvements to a home they already love, particularly homes with a distinctive historic style. The character of a building may be wonderful, but the functionality of an 85-year-old home doesn’t always blend seamlessly with a modern lifestyle. From bedrooms…

Introducing Alex

We’re thrilled to welcome Alex Dao to the Studio TJP team as a Project Designer! Alex will have a foot in each portion of the business: designing and coordinating architecture projects, and working with the Preservation Planning team on historic resources reports. She brings to…

From As-Built to Punch List: Wrapping up the Shoreline Remodel

While spring usually heralds new beginnings, last week we closed the books on a project that we’ve been working on for nearly three years: an addition and renovation of a home in Shoreline, converting it to a counseling center. The client wanted more space to grow…

COVID-19 Protocols

COVID-19 Protocols