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February 19, 2019 11:22 am

The Union City Addition is finished!

With so many works-in-progress it’s always a pleasure to announce a completed project! This addition to a split-level home in North Seattle allows the owner to have a bedroom suite on the main floor, a change that will make it easier for them to age at home. For now, the bedroom will function as a study and library until it is needed. The bathroom is fully accessible and includes laundry facilities. We anticipate professional photos this spring.

We salvaged and then incorporated the salvaged brick to tie the addition to the addition.

We salvaged the existing brick and then incorporated it to tie the addition to the existing home.

The vanity under the sink was built to be removed should wheelchair access be required in the future.

The vanity under the sink was built to be removed should wheelchair access be required in the future. The higher portion of the vanity contains a washer and dryer.

The shower is fully accessible and stylish.

The new shower is not only stylish but also fully accessible.

October 8, 2018 12:31 pm

The Union City Addition works seamlessly with the original house

We’re closing in on the final finishes in this small, sensitive addition to a home originally designed by William Bain, located near Montlake Playfield south of Portage Bay.

The shower has been tiled and is ready for trim and glass.

The shower has been tiled and is ready for trim and glass.

The sitting room/ library/ guests bedroom has full height windows to the private rear yard.

The sitting room/ library/ guest bedroom has full-height windows looking out on the private rear yard.

The addition has a brick base and siding to match the existing residence.

The addition has a brick base and siding that matches the existing residence.

January 31, 2012 5:00 pm

Denny Blaine Tudor Balcony

These are the latest photos from one of our projects located in the Denny Blaine neighborhood in Seattle. The clients wanted to add an L-shaped balcony to the second floor of their Tudor style home.

Their requirements were that there couldn’t be any columns to support the balcony from below, the Sun Room located on the main floor of the house couldn’t be disturbed, and they wanted access to the balcony from their Master Bedroom.

Working with structural engineer Gary MacKenzie at Swenson Say Faget, we designed a solution that used a steel frame that would support the new balcony and have minimal impact on the interior of the house. The steel beams are covered so that the final balcony looks appropriate to the original Tudor style house.

Detail of the underside of the new balcony. The brackets are decorative only.

Close up of the new brackets.

In addition to the balcony, we're also replacing the windows in the upstairs Master Bedroom, one of which becomes a pair of doors

January 23, 2012 1:11 pm

Progress on Phase One of a Master Plan

These photos show the progress on one of our projects on Beacon Hill. We have been working with Houseworks Construction.




Phase One of the project includes raising the house, pouring a new basement slab, and adding a new rear entry. The original design was to dig down 2 feet in the basement to create higher basement ceilings. In working with Tim House of Houseworks and the clients, we determined that raising the house would be more cost effective. There were trade-offs which included adding additional structural upgrades and rebuilding the front porch and stairs for the new higher front door. After weighing all the options, everyone decided that raising the house was the best alternative.

Phase 2 will be finished at a later date. It includes adding two upstairs dormers to the front and rear of the house and adding a new set of stairs to the second floor. The new dormers create new space for two children’s bedrooms and a new master bedroom and bath. There will also be a new bathroom shared by the children. It also gives the exterior of the house a style more in keeping with other houses in the area.

3 renderings showing different perspective views of the completed master plan.


December 16, 2010 3:14 pm

Chelsea Deli

The Chelsea Deli located in the ground floor of the Weed Building is now open. We developed the permit drawings for the tenant improvement. Congratulations to our clients Dave and Christi. We are looking forward to having lunch at the Deli.

New Chelsea Deli in Columbia City

June 18, 2010 2:16 pm

AIA Future Shack entry

Fauntleroy Residence

Single-Family Residence with attached Accessory Dwelling Unit

Seattle, Washington

7,200 square-foot lot, 2,530 total square feet of living space

Changing Communities. The accessory dwelling unit on the main floor allows independent living for persons with physical disabilities, and the elevator access for the two-story home above make it possible for this family to age in place.

Changing Technologies. The home utilizes advanced building techniques and sustainable building products. The foundations are insulated concrete forms reducing waste and minimizing the amount of concrete, walls and roofs are structural insulated panels minimizing use of lumber and maximizing insulation values, the windows are low-E coated and triple glazed minimizing heat loss and solar gain, creating an energy efficient envelope. Appliances are energy star rated, plumbing fixtures are low flow, and finishes have low amounts of volatile organic compounds.

Changing Economics. Small footprint, small envelope, small cost — far a modest initial budget and flexible bank financing among the family. Elements noted above work together to reduce energy use and minimize the carbon footprint while keeping operating costs low. Storm water from the butterfly roof is captured in a cistern and used for site irrigation (with plans for interior gray water use when allowed by code). Additionally there is a vertical utility chase for future solar hot water and photo-voltaic panels on the rooftop.

Steve Campbell, AIA, LEED AP, Project Architect for the Fauntleroy Residence, has been with The Johnson Partnership for 9 years! His creativity and detailed knowledge of new technologies and codes contribute daily to our office and made this project possible.

August 10, 2009 10:00 am

A picture of almost our entire staff

Howard, Steve, Ellen, Larry

Howard, Steve, Ellen, Larry

This photo was take by our client when we visited the completed project. Thank you Sallie!