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  • Ellen Mirro

A 3-D model for a new house is complete.

We have been working on the design for a new house optimized for passive solar energy. With the right energy efficient windows, this house will be heated by the sun and a masonry wood heater. It will be built of Structural Insulated Panels and have a heat recovery ventilation unit to allow for fresh air. Our hope is that with tight detailing and careful construction the house will perform the way our energy modeling indicated it would. The house is designed for a family of four to live on a site on Vashon Island. Our clients desired an energy efficient modern house with a Japanese features, including a soaking tub and Japanese shower in the master bath, and a traditional Japanese entry sequence. We are pleased with the design of this house, and feel that our clients will be very comfortable there when construction is complete. Click on this link to download a movie of the project: Solstice House movie

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