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  • Ellen Mirro

Dormer Additions

Many of our clients just need a little extra space on the second floor of their exiting houses. They often use the space for an upstairs bathroom, a study, or a master suite. Click on the photos below to link to more information on these projects.

In the example pictured below, the dormers of this historic house had been altered and needed to regain their original proportion without losing functional living space, or Lake Washington and Mount Rainier views.

Sometimes all that is needed is a little extra light. In the following example, the central dormer was existing, and we added the two smaller flanking dormers, providing light and views of Mount Rainier and Lake Washington as well as a window seat to the upper floor bedrooms.

In the next example, our clients wanted an updated second floor bathroom that could act as a spa-like master bath, and a second floor study with guest room capability. We added a small dormer to house a study with a fold-out bed and a view of Mount Rainier.

The left gable of this dormer is new, the right gable of the dormer was existing. The corner window provides a view of Mount Rainier.

The following house received a new dormer and front porch, providing a guest room at the top of the stair, light into the stair and main room, and better proportions for the entire structure.

Sometimes it makes more sense to alter the roofline a little more, by adding a new gable, as in the following examples.

A new master bath is housed in the gable, the kids bath is in the dormer.

This new gable provided a home office and the small dormer added more space for the master bath on the upper floor.

Occasionally it makes sense to add a full second story, and using dormers in this type of addition creates a neighborhood friendly scale while providing enough space for full height bedrooms and bathrooms on the upper floor.

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