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  • Ellen Mirro

New garages with additional living space above.

Many older homes weren’t built with matching garages. Often, our clients desire a new garage to match their remodeled home, and they use the space above for additional living space: a guest suite, a gym, or a recreational use.

We have done two recent projects where the new garages house more than just cars.

The garage at Horsehead Bay matches the remodeled house and provides guest quarters above.

The guest suite above the garage is accessed from the patio.

A clever hide-a-way tucks under the eaves, creating a more flexible space.

The Ambleside garage links to the remodeled house via a new timberframe trellis.

The garage was built with structural insulated panels for ease of framing and energy efficiency.

The space above the garage is used for a private gym, and is plumbed for a bathroom for future guest quarters.

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