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Recently completed Freeland Residence

We recently visited one of our newly completed projects on Whidbey Island: the Freeland Residence. This home is designed to highlight sweeping landscape views and maximize natural light, while providing protection from the rain and harsher summer sun. The house features lots of living space both inside and out; large windows and expansive sliding doors blur the line between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Look here to check out our previous post on the Freeland Residence during its construction.

The welcoming front entry with an expansive, protecting shed roof.

At one end of the great room is the warm and classy kitchen. The immediately adjacent dining area features a custom fir bookmatched (in which the wood grain of the two halves mirror each other) dining table.

The dining area opens to the outdoor patio via a set of large sliding doors and faces Holmes Harbor.

Located at the other end of the great room, the living area has a concrete tiled gas fireplace with a built-in bench, expansive windows, and lots of natural light.

The master bathroom also enjoys the sweeping view.

The southwest-facing house is laid out in line with the coastal view, with the great room located at its center. The master suite, featuring a private deck and outdoor shower, is located at the southern end.

Located off the great room, a concrete patio with matching concrete bench provides plenty of room for entertaining.

The green siding, dark trim and natural wood elements help the house blend in well with the surrounding landscape. Solar panels on the garage roof are optimally oriented for power generation.

Afternoon sun streaming through the windows makes the interior a warm and inviting space to relax.

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