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  • Ellen Mirro

Site Visits Good for the Project

Site visits are an important aspect of architectural services. Whether for a remodel or a new project, we visit the site at appropriate intervals to observe the construction, answer questions, and look out for any constructed elements that need adjusting. We discuss the progress with the team (client, contractor, and architect, etc.) and troubleshoot any issues that come up translating the architectural drawings to the built environment. We take lots of photos and notes, which document the progress and serve as a point of reference. We often use the photos to help illustrate our notes.

Regular site visits keep the lines of communication open within the team throughout the project.

It’s always a thrill to see a project move from the page (or computer screen) to the real world!

The carpenter needed clarification on the framing of the skylight well. The superimposed pink lines are a guide to the unusual configuration of the sloped portion.

Skylight well above the stair looking south.

The beam above the front door has been raised to make room for the transom, shown in pink.

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