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  • Ellen Mirro

Around the Garden District

More snapshots from our visit to New Orleans during the AIA convention, this time of residences around the Garden District. This part of New Orleans was once part of the city of Lafayette, and was annexed to New Orleans in 1852. The area was largely settled by Americans between the 1830s and 1900. The Garden District is a National Historic District, largely because of its well-preserved collection of southern mansions. Many of the homes here might be described as being characterized by Greek Revival or Italianate architectural styles, but Federal, Georgian Revival, Gothic Revival, and other Victorian styles, among others are mixed in. Many homes here have beautiful, lush gardens too. Also, homes in this district illustrate what a prosperous city New Orleans was during this time period. The snapshots included below provide a tiny glimpse of just a few of the rich mix of homes found here. Larry had fun trying to identify some of these historical architectural styles.

Check back next week for another post on New Orleans.

Lovely patterns of sunlight shadow on this brick Federal style home surrounded by large oaks.

Gothic Revival/Carpenter Gothic. Wonderful details!

This mansion appears to have Italianate architectural features.

Near the Garden District (on Carrollton Avenue), this Stick Style/Gothic Revival home has been beautifully renovated for modern family living. An addition has been added to the back, in keeping with guidelines for buildings on the National Historic Register.

This green cast iron “cornstalk” fence would have originally been more colorfully painted with yellow ears of corn, orange pumpkins at the base of the posts, and blue flowers on the vines.

Georgian Revival.

This Italianate mansion looks like it is being restored.

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