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  • Ellen Mirro

North Bend timber frame project featured in PNW Magazine

We were surprised and delighted to open the Sunday Seattle Times yesterday and see one of our long-ago projects featured in Pacific Northwest Magazine. In the early 1980s, Larry was approached by a contractor friend who in turn had been contacted by a couple wanting to build a timber frame house in the woods outside of North Bend. Larry agreed to the project, in spite of knowing next to nothing about timberframing. At the time the company did not yet have an office building and his and Lani’s home was being renovated, which meant that he drew up the plans for the house sitting at his kitchen table.

At the time the only resource for learning how to build in the timber frame style was a book called “Building the Timber Frame House” by Tedd Benson. Larry read the book and designed the joints according to the book’s hand-drawn instructions. The craft was still so obscure that the permitting office didn’t even have protocol for reviewing the plans, so Larry and the team brought in a scaled model of the house to show the permit reviewers and to explain how the whole thing fit together.

The clients procured fixtures for the house with skill and ingenuity: From one day to the next Pat and Daucey would have come into a heap of salvaged flooring materials; the day after Larry finished an initial design for the kitchen, Pat announced they’d sourced a vintage back bar for the refrigerator, which sent Larry back to the old drawing board (rather, the old kitchen table).

We’re so pleased to see the house again, and that the family has been happy there for all these years.

You can see more of our timber frame projects here.

The house, shown here shortly after its completion, seems to glow from within, lighting up the dark Northwest evenings. Photo by Lani Johnson

Photo by Lani Johnson

From “Building the Timber Frame House” by Tedd Benson, 1980

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