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  • Ellen Mirro

Ongoing stewardship at Sigma Kappa Sorority

We have been assisting the Puget Sound Association of Sigma Kappa to steward their Landmark sorority house since before we helped them write the Landmark Nomination in 2006.

Sigma Kappa Mu Chapter

Every summer we assist with the technical issues in historic preservation that most major maintenance projects require. Last summer our task was to make certain that the sprinkler pipes installed in the east wing of the building did not detract from the character of the dining room, and were protected from damage in the hallways and other areas of the house. Our strategy was to create a coffered ceiling, the pipes are concealed on the sides of the structural beams.

We also applied the same idea to some of the hallways.

The project next summer is to make certain that the sprinkler project won’t adversely affect the historic landmarked interior spaces in the west wing.

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