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Stillidale Rises

As many of you know, Larry enjoys fly fishing local rivers. While fishing about about ten years ago, he found a property for sale on the North Fork of the Stillaguamish River, about five miles west of the town of Darrington. The one-acre property in the Swede Heaven subdivision had a dilapidated one-room cabin on it that had been hauled onto the property around 1958.

Our view of the river and Whitehorse Mountain

The place was a mess, but the view to the river and Whitehorse Mountain was stunning. Larry and Lani purchased the property and have spent the last several years slowly upgrading, structurally stabilizing the cabin and refinishing the interior, as well as adding a garage near the road.

Stillidale in 2013

Last year, they were granted a permit by Snohomish County to add a half-story addition to the cabin, which will allow increased sleeping space and a full bathroom upstairs.

Model of proposed addition

Right after the July 4th weekend, a crew from Green Structures NW, a SIPS installer based out of Salem, Oregon, arrived and began installing the panelized wall and roof system. The erection took the better part of four days.

The crew from Green Structures NW

The last roof panel goes on

Larry is now working with a local contractor, Jerry Sellers, to complete the exterior shell and interior framing, plumbing, and wiring, so the cabin can be buttoned up before winter.

Stay tuned in for updates.

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