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  • Ellen Mirro

The Locks: “Seattle’s Waterway to the World”

Larry (third from left) and other contributors to “Seattle’s Waterway to the World.”

Last weekend Larry and Lani enjoyed a beautiful, sunny day at the Locks, and attended the premiere of the documentary “Seattle’s Waterway to the World,” exploring the history and legacy of the Locks. The movie was made by local filmmaker Vaun Raymond, who also put together and shared a short “making-of” feature for this event. Larry contributed to the making of the movie, taking Vaun out on his boat Meander to get footage of the canal. (The film includes a cameo shot of Larry piloting Meander!) Many of the other attendees at the screening had worked on the project in one way or another; Vaun had them all stand for a group photo and to acknowledge their contributions.

“Seattle’s Waterway to the World” is one of a series of films celebrating the centennial of the Lake Washington Ship Canal. You can watch these films and delve into a trove of additional historic resources at Making the Cut. Particularly recommended is the film titled “A Glass Half Full: Native Americans & the Shipping Canal,” exploring a little-known side of the waterway’s history.

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