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  • Ellen Mirro

Construction has begun on the Madison Heights Bungalow Addition

We’ve recently begun a new remodel on the eastern side of Capitol Hill. This bungalow cottage from 1925 will be getting a a generous sunroom, new bathroom, additional storage, and a detached garage. An expanded basement will support a cantilevered sitting room. One of the primary objectives is to create an accessible main floor to ensure that the clients can the house well into their golden years. Accessible features will include a new, large bathroom and chairlifts at the grade changes.

The remodel is off to a muddy start–often the case in Seattle in February!

The new sitting room will be here on the west-facing side of the house.

Substantial footing like this under the chimney is surprising for a house of this vintage.

The excavated crawl space will be surrounded by a concrete bench for added storage.

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