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  • Ellen Mirro

Denny Blaine Tudor Balcony

These are the latest photos from one of our projects located in the Denny Blaine neighborhood in Seattle. The clients wanted to add an L-shaped balcony to the second floor of their Tudor style home.

Their requirements were that there couldn’t be any columns to support the balcony from below, the Sun Room located on the main floor of the house couldn’t be disturbed, and they wanted access to the balcony from their Master Bedroom.

Working with structural engineer Gary MacKenzie at Swenson Say Faget, we designed a solution that used a steel frame that would support the new balcony and have minimal impact on the interior of the house. The steel beams are covered so that the final balcony looks appropriate to the original Tudor style house.

Detail of the underside of the new balcony. The brackets are decorative only.

Close up of the new brackets.

In addition to the balcony, we’re also replacing the windows in the upstairs Master Bedroom, one of which becomes a pair of doors

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