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  • Ellen Mirro

Laurelhurst Bathroom Project Nears Completion

Today we’re checking in on the bathroom remodel at the Tudor house in Laurelhurst. Both bathrooms are getting updates: new shower, tub, and vanity in the master bath, and new fixtures in the kids’ bath. The project is coming together nicely, and the contractor will be working over the weekend to have the job completed in less than two weeks!

In order to open up a little more floor space, the kids’ bathroom received a narrower vanity and wall-mounted faucets.

Hidden under all the tools and boxes is a beautiful soaking tub. At the near end of the tub you can see the shower bench set in the tub deck.

Here we see the new window arrangement and half timbering on the southern wall. The structure on the far right is not a treehouse (much to the kids’ dismay), but a set of temporary stairs that allows the builders unobtrusive access to the remodeled areas.

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