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  • Ellen Mirro

Madison Heights Bungalow Addition & Remodel Nears Completion

Completion is in sight for this addition and remodel on the eastern side of Capitol Hill. The owners will be moving boxes and furniture in anticipation of being granted occupancy in the next couple weeks. All the heavy floor protection shown in the pictures below has since been removed. This will likely be the last installment of progress photos until the clients are fully moved in and the house is furnished and occupied.

The sunroom always has great light. Once the yard is established there will be a lovely garden right outside the window.

The bathroom wainscot has been installed, and a glass door will soon be added to the curbless shower.

The back porch and stair are an extension of the line of the sunroom cantilever.

The original single brackets at the front door have been doubled to add emphasis to the entry.

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