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  • Ellen Mirro

Madison Heights Bungalow: Pre-Drywall & Post-Drywall

Today we’re catching up on all the recent progress at the Madison Heights Bungalow project on the eastern side of Capitol Hill. After the house systems (electrical, plumbing, and HVAC) were roughed in, we photographed every wall and ceiling. This makes any future modifications or troubleshooting easier down the line: like taking pre-emptive X-rays!

A wall in the kitchen prior to drywall.

This portion of the basement ceiling reveals just how many systems are contained within.

The back porch is ready for siding and handrails.

Just a few (!) brackets supporting the cantilevered portion of the sunroom. These provide a nice visual reference to the brackets on the front of the house.

Once the documentation was complete, we proceeded with installing the drywall. Meanwhile, the carpenters move to the exterior to work on the porches and siding.

The sunroom is already exhibiting great daylighting, as planned. The skylights have integral blinds that will keep out the heat when needed.

The upper floor showcases the recycled walnut beams and exposed brick chimney.

The basement is dedicated to climate-controlled storage.

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