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  • Ellen Mirro

Progress on a basement remodel in Ravenna

The relationship of the house to its site was just right, the front porch is a major character defining feature of the house.

When the owners of this bungalow in the Ravenna neighborhood wanted to expand, they didn’t want to alter the character of their house by lifting it on its site. The existing basement walls needed to be reinforced and had no footing. As part of a two phase master plan, we decided the best way to obtain the necessary space was to dig out for adequate head height in the basement and add a window well so that the bedroom in the basement would meet the egress requirements of the code. Adding a footing and other structural upgrades were a necessary feature of the remodel.

Before the remodel, the basement headroom was a scant 6 feet, good enough for the heating system and some storage, but not livable. Over two feet was excavated so that proper footings could be installed. The finished head room will be a little over seven and a half feet.

Temporary shoring was installed at the center bearing line of the house. The window well was excavated on the exterior.

After the new slab was poured, the basement walls were waterproofed and framed out for new insulation. The window for the new bedroom was installed and all the walls were insulated.

A new stair was framed and drywall installed. The west facing window will let lots of light into the new basement room.

The new window well may need a railing and the trim-work around the window will need to be installed before the project is complete.

The finished remodel will include a bathroom, laundry room and media room in the basement along with the guest bedroom. We look forward to seeing the finished remodel, and will post an update with photos of the finished project.

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