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  • Ellen Mirro

Progress on Phase One of a Master Plan

These photos show the progress on one of our projects on Beacon Hill. We have been working with Houseworks Construction.

Phase One of the project includes raising the house, pouring a new basement slab, and adding a new rear entry. The original design was to dig down 2 feet in the basement to create higher basement ceilings. In working with Tim House of Houseworks and the clients, we determined that raising the house would be more cost effective. There were trade-offs which included adding additional structural upgrades and rebuilding the front porch and stairs for the new higher front door. After weighing all the options, everyone decided that raising the house was the best alternative.

Phase 2 will be finished at a later date. It includes adding two upstairs dormers to the front and rear of the house and adding a new set of stairs to the second floor. The new dormers create new space for two children’s bedrooms and a new master bedroom and bath. There will also be a new bathroom shared by the children. It also gives the exterior of the house a style more in keeping with other houses in the area.

3 renderings showing different perspective views of the completed master plan.

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