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  • Ellen Mirro

Stewardship and repair of a Tudor-style house

We have been assisting longstanding clients for many years with the stewardship of their beautiful Tudor-style home. This summer the porch roof on the patio needed replacing, due to age and poor detailing.

With the help of Saltaire Construction, the failing portions were carefully removed, and reconstruction has begun. We are in the process of replacing structural elements and building an entire new roof. The details will all match the original work, but with updated materials and methods of construction, including upgrading the waterproofing, so this roof can last well into the future.

The previous beam was only attached to the house with four nails and lacked proper flashing.

The beams attached to a brick column. You can see here that the unflashed roof allowed water to rot the beams to the point where they were falling out.

The power source for the light fixture will need to be concealed, as the beam will be exposed at the ceiling.

The beams, where they meet the columns, have been pre-primed and coated to protect against water intrusion.

The rafter ends are cut to match the profile of the originals.

The new cedar rafters are being installed in the same layout as the original roof.

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